Autumnal Eyes

As it is starting to (finally) cool down in Dubai I’ve been wearing a lot more “autumanal” makeup looks. I can now wear foundations with a slightly fuller coverage without them sliding off my face the second I leave the house and I’ve been experimenting with warm toned shadows, which I love because they really bring out the blue in my eyes.

My go to foundation has been Illamasqua skin base. It gives perfect flawless coverage without looking too heavy or matte and it lasts all day, even on my oily skin.

For my eyes I’ve recently rediscovered an old favourite, MAC’s cranberry eyeshadow. I created this look inspired by an old photo of Kristen Stewart.


This is a super easy look to do, I used cranberry all over the eye with a black gel liner, mascara and a pair of Huda lashes. Really quick and simple but something a little different.

I sometimes deepen the outer V with a darker colour to help make the look a little more night time appropriate, and a little easier to wear as the red isn’t so vivid.

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