Top 5 Red Lipsticks

At this time of year I find myself reaching for red lipstick more often than any other colour. I also have to wear red everyday for work so I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to choosing a good red.

I find reds with a blue or a pink undertone work best with my skintone, I love an orangey red but they take some work to look right on me so I tend to avoid them for everyday and stick with the following five:

As you can see they’re all pretty well loved!

One of my most worn reds is this sephora liquid lipstick. I wear it to work a lot because it’s not too expensive, stays on all day and it’s the perfect shade for my skintone.


The next one on the list is MAC ruby woo. It is very similar to the sephora lipstick, very dry and very blue toned. This was the first red lipstick I ever bought and it’s still one of my favourites.


You can see from the picture that this one is slightly bluer than the sephora one.

Next is dubbonet, again by MAC. I think this one is my favourite for Christmas, it’s a dark brown toned red. I find this one a lot easier to wear day to day as it is more comfortable on the lips than the other two and not as bright.


The fourth lipstick on my list is unfortunately no longer available to buy, which breaks my heart. It is the viva glam lipstick that Cyndi Lauper created with MAc a few years ago. It is a sheer but buildable colour and it’s perfect for those days when you want a hint of colour without a bold red lip. If anyone knows of anything similar I’d love to know because I’ll be devastated when mine runs out.


Please excuse the fact that I seem to have smeared this one all over my face!

The last lipstick is the newest one I own and it’s a little bit different. Again it’s by MAC, I like their reds it seems! Relentlessly red is another matte red but it has a pink tone and it is very bright. This is definitely a statement lip so I like to keep my eyes very neutral when I wear this.


So as you can see they’re all quite similar, but I different enough for me to justify owning them all! I’m on the hunt now for the perfect orangey red, I love lady danger but it’s just that bit too orange for me to pull off. Again if anyone has any suggestions then I’m all ears.


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