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I have recently bought and fallen in love with the L’oreal infallible 24 hour mattifying foundation. I love how it wears, how long it lasts and mostly how much it costs. For the most part I tend to believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to makeup, so unfortunately for my bank balance I tend to mostly buy more high end products. Obviously this isn’t always the case though, you can get some really terrible products from more luxury brands and vice-a-versa. This foundation reminded me of how much a love to find a great product from the “drugstore” or pharmacy and so I decided to try and do a full makeup using only inexpensive, high street items.


As you can see some of these products are very well loved! Sadly I didn’t have a concealer from the drugstore in my collection, however I’m a big fan of the infamous collection lasting perfection concealer that I used in my last post. In fact I’m on my way to Manchester today and I’ll picking one up whilst I’m there.

For my base of course I used the L’oreal foundation. It’s matte without being too flat so it gives the perfect finish for my oily skin. The matte finish also means it lasts a lot longer than foundations with a dewier look tend to. For the eyes and eyebrows I used the sleek storm palette. I’ve had this for a while and I always seem to go back to it. The colours are beautifully pigmented and all very wearable. My only gripe is that the shimmery shadows are VERY shimmery, they have no glitter but they give off a lot of shine which can look odd when photographed. However this is a minor issue and once you know how to work with them really isn’t a problem at all.

Another product I love from sleek is their contour palette. I use it more as a bronzer than to contour as it’s a little warm in tone for my liking. It works beautifully to bronze though, not too orange and not too muddy. The highlight is nothing groundbreaking but it’s nice for everyday, I wear it for work when I don’t want anything too stark on my cheeks.

For eyeliner I swear by the maybelline eyestudio gel liner. It’s just as good as the high end alternatives but a fraction of the price. It’s extremely black which is the most important thing for me in an eyeliner. I’ve mentioned before how much I love the maybelline mascaras too, I’m currently using “the falsies”. Again just as good, if not better than more expensive, designer versions.

To finish the eyes I lined my water line with a white liner. This gives the impression of more open, wide awake eyes. For this I used my Barry M white kohl pencil. On the cheeks I opted for a boujois blush in a soft pink. Judging by the packaging I think this one may have been limited edition but all of their blushes have the same baked texture and great pigmention.

I wore this look to work so I had to wear a red lip. I went for the Rimmel Kate Mose lipstick in 01. It’s a beautiful shade of red with a creamy consistency.

This is the final look, please excuse the hair as I mentioned I was just about to leave for work!


I was really happy with how the makeup turned out, maybe it’s time to stop underestimating the drug store and save some cash!

As always thanks so much for reading.

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4 comments on “Drugstore Makeup
  1. Yiota says:

    Love the lips, you created a great look! I must try the Loreal Infallible foundation, everyone talks about how amazing it is!
    Yiota x

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