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Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts this week, I’ve just started a new job so that has been taking up all my time. The weekend is finally here though so I have time to catch up on everything else, I also managed to squeeze in a little makeup shopping so look out for some reviews soon. For now though I’ve been seeing this “eyeshadow tag” popping up on other blogs and I thought it might be fun because eyeshadow is probably the makeup item I own the most of.

Q. Favourite drugstore line for eyeshadows?

I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for when it comes to makeup so I don’t have a lot of high street brands in my collection, however there is one brand that does stand out to me and that is Sleek. I have their storm eyeshadow palette, which I bought for about £5 at the time and it’s such good quality and value for money. You get great colour pay off and they blend beautifully. They’re by far the best drugstore brand I’ve ever used and next time I visit the UK I’ll probably be picking up some more products from their range.


Q. Favourite eyeshadow primer?

This was an easy one for me, the only eyeshadow primers I ever use are the Mac paint pots. If you’ve never tried these and you struggle with the longevity of your eye makeup then I urge you to try one. Don’t be fooled into thinking the word primer means they’re as useless as the primers intended for your face, these things are incredible and actually keep your eyeshadow in place all day. They come in so many different colours so they can also be used without a shadow over the top, which is great for when you’re in a rush.


Q. First ever eyeshadow purchase, and do you still use it?

My first ever eyeshadow purchase was when I was about 12 or 13 and it was a hideous trip from No.7 in pink, baby blue and an icy white. I loved it so much and wore it everyday (with no other makeup I might add, not even mascara) until I hit pan on the white shade which was my favourite. Thankfully I never repurchased, so no, luckily I don’t still use it!

Q. Best drugstore eyeshadow dupe?

I love the Mac eyeshadow in the colour club, it’s like a brown but with a green duochrome to it. It’s really beautifully for a smokey eye if you want something a bit different to the usual black or brown, but still subtle enough to be wearable. I found a fantastic alternative in superdrug for £1 from the brand MUA. The single eyeshadow in number 12 is almost identical in shade and as you can see from the picture below it is even more pigmented than the Mac one!


Q. Most underrated eyeshadows?

It took me a while to think of a brand that I think has consistently good eyeshadows, let alone an underrated one. I find most of the time if a cosmetic company has a good product people tend to talk about it. Having said that I love Inglot shadows and I don’t hear a whole lot about them. They have a beautiful creamy texture so they’re a dream to blend, they have an enormous selection of colours and the best part is their freedom palette system, so you can create your own custom built eyeshadow palette to contain only the shades you want.


Q. Favourite single eyeshadow?

Mac Patina is my all time favourite, as you can see from the photo! It looks so boring in the pan but on the skin it has a beautiful gold sheen and it has both warm and cool tones to it, so it can be paired with so many other colours. I love to wear just this as a sweep of colour on the eyelid when I’m in a rush and it still looks beautiful and like you’ve put in a bit of effort.



Q. Favourite cream eyeshadow?

I’m not a huge lover of cream eyeshadows but when I do use them I like the shadow sticks that a lot of brands have, I’d really like to try some of the ByTerry range. I also love the Makeup Forever aqua cream shadows because they are waterproof so they don’t crease, which is my mine gripe with cream shadows. I have shade 12 and it is beautiful on blue eyes, it also makes for a good base for gold or copper coloured powder shadows.


Q. Favourite neutral eyeshadow?

The original naked palette. Bit of a cheat seeing as it’s a palette of 12 eyeshadows but it’s my go to for traveling with, I can achieve so many different looks with these colours, and it’s great for easy day to day eye makeup too.


Q. Favourite coloured eyeshadow?

Again I’ve gone for a palette, I can’t be restricted to just one colour, I love them all! I bought the limited addiction Mi Vida Loca palette from Kat Von D a few months ago and it’s my absolute favourite for whenever I want a bit of colour. The shadows are so pigmented and bright, which isn’t always the case with strong colours. The palette contains both shimmers and mattes as well as every colour in the rainbow, what more could you want?


Q. Favourite eyeshadow of all time?

Does anyone remember the collection Mac brought out with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne a year or two ago? Originally I wasn’t interested in it at all, not being a die hard Osbourne fan, so I didn’t really give it a thought. Then I saw someone using the Sharon palette and the colours seemed right up my street, so when I saw that my local Mac counter still had some available I picked it up. When I got it home I immediately fell in love, the warm, orangey brown tones are perfect for blue eyes and all of the colours are usable, which is a rarity in a Mac quad. If I’m ever unsure what to wear this is my go to, I’m always happy with the result. I’ll just be devastated when I hit pan and can’t repurchase it!


Thanks for reading, as always, and if any of you have done this tag please share it with me, I’d love to read/watch it!


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