Lip liner 101

Lips are one of the things I really struggle with when it comes to my own makeup. I have particularly small lips so I like to over line them slightly to create the illusion of a fuller pout but this can often look messy and a bit scary. Through trial and error I’ve come up with a list of do’s and don’t’s for getting a nice clean, crisp lip line.



1. Apply the colour first. This helps you to see the rough shape of your lips better and see where they might be uneven and what you need to alter with lip liner. You can do this either by applying lipstick straight from the bullet or by using a lip brush. When using a brush I like to start with the brush tip close to the edge of the lip and then pull the colour into the middle of the mouth.


2. Use a sharp pencil. This seems obvious but it’s amazing how often we use a blunt pencil and what a big difference it makes. Not too sharp though or the end will crumble off and you’ll get liner all over your face – be warned, I speak from experience.


3. Line with a light hand, using short strokes. Basically don’t go in like a bull in china shop, apply lightly where needed – you can always add more. Perfect the shape of the lips, try not to go too far outside of the natural lip line just add where the lips are uneven or need help.

4. Clean the edges with concealer and an angled brush. Use just the tiniest bit of concealer, too much will look odd and will be impossible to blend out without ruining the lip.

5. Blot and powder. Blot the lips with tissue then reapply your lip colour to the centre of the lips, this will help the colour to last as long as possible. Then powder around the perimeter of the mouth, this will prevent the lips from bleeding and it will keep the lip line nice and crisp.

And there you have the perfect pout. My main piece of advice would be to try and stick to the natural shape of the lip as much as possible, crazy alterations to the shape or size of the lips is super noticeable and that’s when your line starts to get messy.


Thanks for reading everyone!

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