Easy Summer Hairstyles

This post is going to horrify my mother, but it’s all about how I manage to go as long as possible without having to wash my hair. I loathe washing my hair, particularly drying it. Summer is now upon us in Dubai so even the thought of turning on a hairdryer breaks me out in a sweat. The only other option is to let it dry naturally…

Natural Hair

So I like to avoid washing my hair for as long as is humanly possible. The only way to do that is lots of dry shampoo and some creative hairstyling.

Day 1: When the hair is nice and clean and fresh I’ll wear it straight and down. A quick slide over with the straighters and I’m good to go.

Straight hair

Day 2: My hair usually gets a little bent out of shape after sleeping on it so I’ll add a soft curl for the second day to try and disguise that, again using my GHD straightener, just because its quick and the curls last a lot longer than they would with a curling wand.

Wavy Hair

Day 3: A little oil has started to build up by day 3 so I like to tie my hair from my face. I like to wear a half up top knot because it still looks like I’ve made more effort than simply scarping it into a pony tail.


Half up top knot

Day 4: The same as day 3 I like to keep my hair from my face but still free flowing so I braid the side. I like this double braid style, it’s really easy and looks super pretty.

Double Dutch Braid

Day 5: By this stage I usually wash my fringe or “bangs”, it keeps my hair looking fresh without having to dry the whole thing. I find a little braided alice band looks cute but also hides the line between clean and dirty hair. All you need to do is take a small section of hair from the nape of the neck, braid it and pin it to the head. Do the same on the other side and voila.

Double braided hair band

Day 6: Lots of dry shampoo and tie the hair to the side. To keep it from looking like a drab greasy ponytail I back comb the hair before tying it back to add volume. You can either leave it in a side pony or if its too diry braid it. You can mix it up by doing a normal braid, a fish tail braid or a stacked braid.

Stacked Braid

Day 7: Messy updo is about the only option by now. Make sure there is a lot of volume to avoid it looking like a greasy mess and more like it’s intentional.

Messy updo

Obviously a whole week without washing your hair is optimisitic – but it can be done! You need to slowly train your hair to need washing less, it’s not something that can be done over night. I find 4 days is about as long as I can get away with on a normal week, if you exercise regularly a week is a little unrealistic so bear that in mind.

As always thanks so much for reading. Apologies some of the picture quality isn’t great in this post!

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