Blush Shades for Summer

I don’t know if you can tell from my last few posts but I’m very excited by Summer makeup at the minute. I really like wearing less eye makeup and brighter colours on the cheeks and lips. I’ve found myself reaching for 4 blushes in particular over the past month, some of them new discoveries and some old favourites.

Summer Blush

Blush Swatch

Mac warm soul is a repurchase, a blush I’ve had before and loved. I hit pan and didn’t repurchase for about a year. Now that I have it again I can’t I waited so long! It’s very possibly my favourite blush ever – I know, bold claim! It’s not just a summer fave because it is perfect for all seasons. It’s a warm, bronzey nude colour and looks beautiful with tanned skin and bright lips.

Mac Warm Soul

Nars Exhibit A is another oldie but goodie. It looks terrifying in the pan, a bright pillar box red that you would never want near your cheeks unless you were planning on dressing as a clown. Don’t be deceieved though, it is beautiful if applied correctly. You need the LIGHTEST of hands to apply this colour, especially if you have pale skin like me. If you have a pink undertone this looks amazing with a little bronzer. The red of the blush mixed with the bronze tan mimics the natural flush you would achieve from the sun. The best thing about this blush is that it looks incredible on any skin colour if applied correctly, from the deepest deep to the palest pale.

Nars Exhibit A

Milani luminoso is a relatively new purchase. It has a beautiful formula, it’s very smooth and easy to apply and although it’s a powder it feels almost creamy to touch. The colour is the perfect mix between peach and pink and looks great on pale skin without being too orange.

Milani Luminoso

My final favourite is another scary looking colour. Illamsqua seduce is a deep raspbery colour but because it is a cream formula it can be blended out to a very natural looking pink flush. Because it is a cream formula it can be applied to bare skin and still look natural which is why I love it for summer, it can be worn with minimal makeup.

Illamasqua Seduce

Thanks for reading everyone. I’d love to hear any of your blush recommendations for summer.

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7 comments on “Blush Shades for Summer
  1. Karoline says:

    Beautiful shades! 🙂 I would buy the bright red!

  2. Sania says:

    I have heard so much about the Luminoso but can never get my hands on it. It’s always sold out online, but it’s on my list of purchases for my US trip!

  3. I am an absolute blush junkie. I love the scary colors! They give you such life without having to put a lot of makeup on. Especially in the summer. Loved the post!

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