90s Makeup

This is the first time in my life that a trend has come back into fashion and I can actually remember it from the first time around. I mean I wasn’t exactly wearing any makeup in the 90s because I was a child but it’s still a little depressing that I can remember it at all. The trend I’m referring to is of course 90s makeup. Everyone from Gigi Haddid to Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting the brown nude lips and matching eyeshadow.

Modern nineties makeup

It’s funny that when you look back on a trend you seem to remember only the good bits. When I think of 90s makeup I think of Cyndi Crawford and Linda Evangelista, or even Pamela Anderson on a good day.

90s makeup

However when I researched 90s looks for this post there are some really horrible looks that were popular during that time. The tiny rainbow shaped eyebrows being the most upsetting, followed closely by the icy eyeshadows teamed with pink lipstick.

Bad 90s Makeup

Thankfully the eyebrows seem to be staying where they belong and don’t show any signs of a revival anytime soon. Matchy matchy brown/rose toned lips, eyes and cheeks on the other hand are back in a big way, and I for one love it! The look is very polished and defined without being over the top. It’s a very wearable look for most skin tones.

Here is my take on the 90s look:

Modern 90s makeup

My favourite products for creating the 90s supermodel look include:

  • Mac spice lip liner – a warm toned brown nude. I like to use it all over the lip as a lipstick
  • Mac twig lipstick – gorgeous on the lips but I also love to use it on the cheeks as a blush, that way you get the perfect matching 90s look
  • Illamasqua fidelity eyeliner. It’s a coffee coloured pencil liner, great for smudging into the lash line for a little definition
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Ashton
  • Mac mineralize blush in warm soul – the perfect brown nude blush

As always, thanks for reading everyone. I’d love to see your take 90s makeup.

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One comment on “90s Makeup
  1. Leah Schulz says:

    The Angelina Jolie pic!!! Oh my. I bet she wishes that wasn’t in circulation. I feel the same way about some of my 90’s photos. Love your take on the 90’s look though!


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