Makeup for Mature Skin

Makeup for Mature Skin

Recently I’ve started to notice my skin is starting to show signs of aging, nothing drastic but it got me thinking about makeup for mature skin. As we get older we need to adapt our makeup routine as our skin changes. Sticking with the same foundation for 5, 10 or 20 years can be more aging than the years themselves. So to help I’ve put together a list of pointers to help with makeup application as our bodies change over time.

My beautiful step-mum let me do her makeup as an example.As you can see from the before and after she didn’t really need much doing anyway so I’ve listed some of the things I find most helpful to remember as my skin gets older below:

Makeup for Mature Skin

  1. The Base

The right foundation is so important as we get older. Try to avoid heavy and matte foundations as they can settle in fine lines and wrinkles and accentuate them. Instead opt for a light, dewy base with a good moisturiser underneath. BB creams are great for this as they as lightweight but still have more coverage than a tinted moisturiser, should you need it. Having said that it is often assumed that all mature skin is dry skin and needs to be overloaded with hydration, but this is not the case. Obviously some people will still have oily skin regardless of how old they are so that still needs to be controlled. In this case I would recommend a mattifying moisturiser and then a foundation such as Armani luminous silk, Clarins true radiance or Bourjois healthy mix. These foundations are slightly dewy but still last well on an oilier skin.

For concealer use a liquid formula rather than something waxy, as again this will settle in fine lines. Liquid concealers are more lightweight so sit better on the skin.

The colour of the base is also important. Colour correcting can come in useful. A yellow toned base is usually quite flattering as it will cancel out any blue or purple tones in the skin and make you look more alive. If you suffer from very dark under eye circles then orange can be used as this will counteract the deep blue tones. By adding these warmer tones to your base you’ll be making the skin look more youthful and fresh.

2. The eyes

It goes without saying that as we get older we need to start moving away from the glitter and stick with more matte textures. However that doesn’t mean we need to fear shimmer and shine altogether, if used correctly it can really add light and space to the eyes. Just make sure to avoid any areas with lines or wrinkles and stick to the mobile lid only.

We also might find our eye shape starts to change and become more droopy or hooded as time goes by. To combat this it is best to apply deeper shades close to the lash line and outer v, rather than higher on the lid.

3. The Brows

Brows and lashes can start to thin and grey over time so make sure to fill them to keep yourself looking youthful. Anything too harsh will age you more so keep brows soft and fluffy.

4. The cheeks

Adding a pop of colour to the apple of the cheeks can really liven up a tired looking complexion. Mature skin will look best with more blush and less contour. Contouring creates a gaunt look and so will add years rather than take them away.

5. The lips

Lips get thinner as we get older, which is terrible news for me because they’re tiny anyway! The best way to enhance your lips is to give them a good scrub with sugar and olive oil. This will exfoliate and plump them before applying lipstick. For lips the most flattering shade for mature skin is just a few shades darker than your natural lip colour in a glossy or shines formula. Avoid darks and matte as well as anything too nude. Dark, matte colours will make lips look smaller and nude lips will make you look dead.

Having said all of this I don’t care if I’m 90 I’ll still be experimenting with beautiful lip colours so don’t take these rules too seriously. No matter how old you are makeup is there for us to have fun with so if it doesn’t make you feel good then don’t do it. Enjoy and remember young isn’t necessarily beautiful, embrace the aging process we’re so blessed to be able to experience it.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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4 comments on “Makeup for Mature Skin
  1. Missy May says:

    These are great tips and will definitely come in handy as I grow. I’ve been meaning to try the lip scrub, -Apparently its good! You did a good job on your beautiful step-mother.
    Have a lovely day. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Great Tips, thanks for sharing! Will forward them to my mum 🙂

    xx Lisa | JoyDellaVita

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