How To: Cut Your Own Hair

Hairdressers avert your eyes! It’s been a shocking 4 months since my last hair cut. Yes you read that right, a whole 16 weeks. So you can imagine how desperately it needed doing. At the moment funds are a little tight, so I decided to attempt to cut my hair myself. I have absolutely zero experience with hairdressing, I can barely even style it, so I was a little nervous to say the least. Naturally I photographed the ordeal so that I could share with you my tips on how to cut your own hair.

My hair before the chop

My hair before the chop

You will need:

  • Straighteners
  • Hair scissors
  • Hair ties
  • Thinning scissors (if you have them)
  • A hair brush

Step 1:

Brush your hair so that it’s tangle free. Use your straighteners so that it is very smooth.

Step 2:

Throw your head forward and tie your hair into a ponytail right at your hairline. Use the brush to make sure it is smooth to the scalp. It should look like this:

How to cut your own hair

Please excuse the makeup free face and pained expression.

Step 3:

Place a hair tie at the point where you want to cut your hair. Like this:

How to cut your own hair

Step 4:

Cut the ponytail. You should be left with very blunt ends. To soften this turn your scissors vertically and cut upwards into the hair. This is called point cutting. If you have thinning scissors you can use them now to soften the ends even further. My thinning scissors had mysteriously vanished so I did it without them, so don’t panic if you don’t own any.

How to cut your own hair

Step 5:

Release the ponytail and voila! At this stage I washed my hair and put on a box dye to get rid of the brassy tones and dark roots I had. If you colour your hair then do it now. I used L’oreal prodigy in the lightest colour I could find in my supermarket. In Dubai it’s very difficult to find light blonde box dyes so as you can see the lightest wasn’t that light. Also the instructions were all in arabic so that was fun. It didn’t really do anything to the colour of my hair but it did cancel out the brassy tones.

How to cut your own hair

After cutting and colouring..

After cutting and colouring..

Now I have to be honest this is by no means the best hair cut I’ve ever had in my life, but it certainly isn’t the worst. I’m sure if a professional looked over it they’d be horrified. For me though, this is perfect. My hair feels a lot healthier and it will definitely keep me away from the salon for a little while longer.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know if any of you have ever been brave enough to cut your own hair and how it turned out! I can’t be the only one mad enough to have tried this.


How to Cut Your Own Hair


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5 comments on “How To: Cut Your Own Hair
  1. This is a great guide. I always fear cutting my own hair but you showed the best way to do it 😉 Gorgeous makeup to you have on love the colour xx

  2. Subha Bose says:

    It looks good for a DIY

  3. Your hair looks amazing I could never do this to my own hair!!

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