How to: Rock a dark lip

Summer is officially over in Dubai – rejoice! We can now walk outside without sweating through our clothes or spontaneously bursting into flames. Although the temperatures are still in the high 30s it’s got me thinking about winter trends. There is one makeup trend that comes around every year without fail, and that’s a bold, dark lip. Having puney little lips I’ve always been a little scared of this look because as everyone knows dark colours will make your lips appear even smaller. This year I’ve been brave enough to try it though, and I love it!

Dark lips

My tips for pulling of a dark lip:

  • Warm Eyes

As you can see, I nearly always team my dark lips with gold or warm brown on the eyes. I find cooler shades particularly difficult on my skin tone, and as most dark lip colours are cool toned I need my eye makeup to be warm to create some balance.

  • Overline your lips

I can almost hear some of you screaming in horror at this one. I don’t know why it is, but lining your eyes with a completely unnatural shade to make them seem larger is totally acceptable but the second you suggest to it to your lips people lose their minds. As I mentioned earlier, most dark lip colours tend to be cool toned. This is perfect for overlining as it resembles a natural shadow, similar to contouring, so it will look more “natural”. Overlining will also help prevent your lips from looking too tiny. (I may have got a little carried away with my overlining here)

How to wear a dark lip

  • There is a colour out there for every skin tone

Dark lips can be so scary, but there is a colour that will suit everyone. If you don’t want to go full goth and where a black lip, no problem. Go for a dark neutral or brown colour, you’ll still get the depth of colour but the shade will be a little more wearable. Still too crazy for you? Go for a deep red. If you want you can use a darker lip liner and create an ombré lip like I have done here:

Dark ombré lips

  • Be brave!

If you’ve never tried a dark lip, give it a go! I bet you’ll find it a lot more flattering than you think. If you don’t want to commit to buying a new shade try mixing some colours that you might already have in your collection. I like to mix Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in craft with a black liner to get the perfect dark purple!

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know your favourite dark lip colours and if you’re brave enough to wear them.



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4 comments on “How to: Rock a dark lip
  1. I love a dark berry colour but hate how small my lips look with a dark shade. Thanks for the overlining tip!

  2. QUEENIE says:

    it isn’t just the lip that is amazing, your entire make up is perfect!

  3. Susanne says:

    Very nice look. You pull it off well. It’s not easy to work with such a dark shade of color.

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