Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review

I’ve been running low on my favourite Illamasqua foundation, so instead of buying the same thing again I wanted to give something else a try. I recently decided to try and only buy cruelty free makeup (you can read my post on it here), so with that in mind I decided that Kat Von D lock it foundation would be a good option. I love everything that I have tried from her range and I had heard the foundation was full coverage with a matte finish which sounded perfect for my oily skin. I’ve been trying it for over a week now and wanted to share my thoughts.

Kat Von D lock it foundation


I’m in love with the packaging of this product! It has a pump so it is easy to dispense product and you avoid the mess you would get with a squeezey tube. It’s sleek and lightweight, so perfect for travel. The design is simple and clean but still edgey enough to fit in with the rest of the brand and look like the high end product that it is. I’m a huge fan.


This foundation is as matte as they come so you need to be very careful not to apply too much, otherwise you’ll look super cakey. I’ve tried applying with fingers, with a brush and with a good old beauty blender and I definitely prefer the finish with a beauty blender. It’s too heavy with a brush and it sets too quickly to work it nicely with the fingers. The water in a damp beauty blender helps to add a little moisture to the dry formula so that helps to achieve the best finish.


As I’ve already mentioned this foundation is particularly matte. When I swatched the lock it foundation on the back of my hand before buying, it seemed like it had a radiance to it but this is not the case at all. When applied to the face it is extremely dry and flat. If you have dry skin you will HATE this foundation as it clings to dry skin like nothing else. I’ve had a breakout this week so the foundation has clung to dried out blemishes in the most unflattering way. Because the formula is so matte it also emphasizes any fine lines or open pores. To wear this foundation you need to wear a very good moisturiser as a base and perfect skin. If my skin was that good though I wouldn’t be wearing such a high coverage foundation so it seems a little silly. Another good way to make this foundation a little less drying is to set it with a steam bath. It’s a tip used by a lot of Hollywood stars apparently, apply your full face of makeup and then have a hot bath. The steam from the bath will work in a similar way to a setting spray in that the moisture will work its way into your makeup and make any powders or matte products look more natural. I tried this and it was the best the foundation looked.

You can see the pores and texture on my cheeks..


This foundation lasts that’s for sure! After one glass of wine too many I ended up falling asleep with my makeup on the other night (naughty!) and the foundation still look liked it had been freshly applied. The only issue is that it transfers. I wasn’t expecting that from such a matte foundation but it transfers more than some of my dewy foundations. I can’t wear this stuff anywhere near my white puppy or she ends up wearing more of it than I do.

Would I repurchase?

Probably not. It pains me to say it because I really wanted to love this foundation, but I just don’t. I don’t mind how matte it is I just hate how it emphasizes every imperfection on my face. I never used to worry about wrinkles until buying this foundation, now I’m considering Botox! I’ll continue to use it and hopefully find a good primer or moisturiser to work with it, but it’s certainly no replacement for my Illamasqua skin base.

Thanks for reading everyone, and if you have any tips on how I can get this to work I’m all ears.





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6 comments on “Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review
  1. Michelle Gil says:

    Very interesting article I’ve been curius to try her lock it foundation since I use Too Faced born this way foundation. I think you’re gonna like it since it’s good for the oily skin.

  2. Michelle Gil says:

    Very interesting article I’ve been curious to try her lock it foundation since I use Too Faced born this way foundation. I think you’re gonna like it since it’s good for the oily skin.

  3. Tasha says:

    I really wanted to try this if I could get hold of it, I’m really pale and thought it might be one to fit me well

    Tasha X


  4. The foundation looks lovely on you! But I can understand why it wasn’t a hit, I was thinking about trying this but maybe I’ll skip it for now or get a sample. I have oily skin so it’s hard finding foundations that keep me matte.

    Lovely post!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

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