DIY Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter

Remember a few months ago when the internet went crazy over this unicorn rainbow highlighter? So much so that it sold out and was going for crazy amounts of money on eBay?

Unicorn Highlighter

If you’re anything like me you were dying to get your hands on it but down right refused to spend ¬£80+ on a rainbow highlighter. Well fear not I’m going to show you how to make your own with old or smashed makeup.

What you will need:

Unicorn Highlighter

  • Old or cheap, colourful eyeshadows or blushes that you no longer use. I had this huge shimmer palette from BH cosmetics which I rarely use so I didn’t mind sparing 6 of the 88 shades.
  • An old or smashed highlighter. My beloved Charlotte Tilbury film star bronze and glow smashed so I used that. Obviously I would recommend using something less expensive. If you don’t have a smashed highlighter go and get a cheap one from your local drugstore and that will do.
  • A mixing palette or bowl.
  • A palette knife (or just a normal knife)
  • Alcohol (the stuff from the pharmacy, not a pint of vodka)
  • An empty blush container. I had a topshop blush that I had completely used up, so just washed it out and used that.

How to make your highlight:

  • First of all you need to choose 6 colours of the rainbow. I went for pink, orange/peach, yellow/gold, green, icy blue and lavender.
  • Smash up each colour and put into your palette or separate bowls. It should look like this:

Unicorn highlighter

  • To each colour add a little of the smashed highlighter and mix in.
  • Add the alcohol to each colour drop by drop until you have a paste like consistency.
  • Now you can start putting the paste into the empty container. Add it one colour at a time in stripes.
  • Once all of the colours are in smooth over with your palette knife and leave to set.

After a few hours the paste should have dried out and you’ll be left with something like this:

DIY Unicorn Highlighter

I ended up with extra product left over so made two of them, one for my sister. If you know a makeup lover it would make an awesome and unique present.

Unicorn Highlighter


The same effect could be achieved by dipping your brush in an eyeshadow and then a highlighter and applying to the cheeks colour by colour, but I quite like having it all in one pan. Thanks for reading everyone and let me know if you end up making something similar!

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