Six of the best: Nude Lipsticks

I’ve been “shopping my stash” recently, due to lack of money and my pledge to go cruelty free. Before I replenish my collection I want to use up some of what I already own and I must admit I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I have a pretty obscene collection of lipsticks and they’ve been quite neglected since discovering liquid lipsticks, so I took this opportunity to dig them out of storage. As the summer is nearing an end I’ve started to steer away from bright colours and have fallen back in love with nude lips. Instead of reaching for the same colour everyday I challenged myself to wear a different shade everyday this past week (I allowed myself one day off because let’s face it, who likes odd numbers?) so here are the 6 colours I’ve been wearing this week:

Nude Lipsticks


  1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in “Boy”. Remember when this was doing the rounds in the beauty world about 5 years ago? I bought into it hook line and sinker. I can’t deny its a beautiful formula and I do enjoy the “my lips but better” shade but I don’t know if I think it’s worth the price tag. Having said that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing it again and I’m almost finished the tube! So perhaps I liked it more than I realized – it’s very rare that I finish a lipstick.
  2. Estée Lauder “Hot Coraline”. This is a gorgeous peachy pink colour, perfect for blondes. It was my mum that introduced me to this lipstick, I saw her wearing it and loved it. It’s a really easy shade to just throw on without a liner or a mirror and will still look great.Estée Lauder Lipstick
  3. Rimmel Lasting Perfection Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick in shade number 43. A deep pinky nude that’s natural enough for everyday but deep enough to not wash you out. I love this collection by Rimmel, they’re very wearable colours and the formula is beautifully pigmented.Rimmel Lipstick
  4. Mac lipstick in “faux”. I got this in a “back to Mac” a few months ago and I’ve never got around to wearing it. I love the formula of Mac lipsticks so I enjoyed wearing this one. It’s very creamy and comfortable but still has great colour pay off and lasts a decent amount of time. Mac Lipstick
  5. Tom Ford lipstick and boys in “Flynn”. There’s not much that needs to be said about Tom Ford lipsticks, as we all know they’re super expensive but heavenly to wear. The lipstick and boys collection is in teeny little packaging and so a little less of a blow to the bank account. This colour is the perfect pink for me, not too pink and not too light. My favourite of the week!Tom Ford Lipstick
  6. Rimmel Lasting Perfection Kate Moss Collection in shade number 05. This one is a little brighter, a bit more like what your actual lips would look like “nude” but a touch pinker. Again I really like this collection but the smell is so plastic and over powering which is why I tend to over look them. The nude Kate Moss lipstick doesn’t smell quite as bad as this one so if you’re interested maybe give the testers a quick sniff before buying!Rimmel Lipstick

Excuse my tiny upper lip, I went without lip liner so you could see the true colour of the lipstick. Which one is your favourite and which nude lipsticks are you loving?

Thanks for reading everyone!

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