How to: Customise false lashes

I love false eyelashes. Absolutely LOVE them. I wear them more often than I probably should because I love the fullness they give. What I don’t love though is spending a small fortune on buying lash after lash. I’ve tried buying the less expensive lashes but you can really see the difference in quality. Often the more inexpensive lashes can look a little plastic and shiney, a dead giveaway that you’re wearing falsies. And not just falsies, cheap falsies! Well I’ve found a way around this little problem, and it is to customise your lashes. It’s a great way of making the lashes your own and tailoring them to your eye shape and preferences. The best part though is that you can start with a very inexpensive pair of lashes and make them look great! This is how I like to customise false lashes:

You will need:

How to Customise false lashes

  • A set of false lashes of your choice. I’m using quite a full set in the picture but usually I like to use something quite small. Daiso do some fantastic lashes for extremely reasonable prices.
  • Some indiviual lashes. I have the Fleur lashes here but they are quite expensive, you can buy cheaper alternatives on amazon.
  • A pair of tweezers.
  • Some lash glue, most of the time I just use what comes in the packet with my lashes. I know a lot of people don’t like this kind of glue but I’ve never had a problem with it.

Then it really is as simple as placing the individuals on the lash strip. I like to keep the longer individual lashes on the outer corner and keep the inner corner more natural. This will help to create a more cat eye kind of look. If you have very small eyes though and you want them to appear larger and rounder you can add the longer lashes to the middle and keep the lashes a medium to short length on the sides. Having the second layer of lashes on top of the strip lash will add a 3 dimensional quality to the lashes and this will make them look more expensive and luxurious even if you are using less expensive lashes.

Then all you need to do is leave them to dry and apply as normal – easy peasy!

Wearing my custom lashes

Wearing my custom lashes

Thanks for reading everyone, let me know if you attempt to make your own custom lashes.

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One comment on “How to: Customise false lashes
  1. Katie says:

    I’ve never used falsies before but I’m getting my first pair soon so these are great tips!

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