Glitter Nail Art for Short Nails

I’ve noticed that over the past few years nail art seems to be huge. I’m a big fan of anything fun and creative when it comes to makeup and beauty, so of course I love nail art. My nails are in woeful condition though. They’ve always been very weak and flaky and I do not have the patience to grow them. The answer you would think would be to have extensions but somehow I always manage to snap them. As well as that I’ve always had very “hands on” jobs, which has meant that they’re just impractical for me, as much as I’d love to have them. So sadly I’m left with short, less glamourous nails.
I’d always thought that short nails meant that I couldn’t really go down the nail art route, but how wrong I was! A quick search through pinterest and you’ll see there are a multitude of options for us stumpy nailed gals. One of my absolute favourite nail trends at the minute is the graduated glitter look. The best part is that it is so simple to achieve. I always use gel polishes because I have a lamp and they last so much longer on my flaky nails. Having said that this works just as well with regular polish, so don’t panic if you don’t have access to a gel lamp or nail technician.

What you will need:
· A base coat
· A polish in the colour of your choice
· A top coat
· Fine glitter, again in the colour of your choice but I always like something that will contrast with the polish so it’s visible. I used a Barry M glitter dust but you can use any glitter you please. You can purchase glitters specially for the nails from amazon or glitter from an arts and crafts shop would also work, so don’t feel you need to spend a fortune.
· An eyeshadow brush, or a nail brush
· An orange stick or a dotting tool

· Apply your base coat and allow to dry completely.

Glitter nail art
· Apply 2 coats of your nail colour. Let the second coat dry until it is tacky but not completely dry (this is if you are using a traditional polish, if using a gel you will have a tacky layer anyway when you remove your nails from the lamp)

Glitter nails
· Take some of your glitter on to your brush and pat it into the base of your nail

Glitter nail art
· Without adding any more product use your brush to feather the glitter upwards so you achieve a graduated, almost ombre look. You want the glitter to be the most concentrated at the base of the nail and fade into nothing.

Glitter Nail Art
· Seal in place with your top coat. If you are using a gel take your orange stick or dotting tool and clean up around the cuticle before you put your nails under the lamp to cure them. If you are using a regular polish do this before the top coat starts to dry.
· Finish with one more layer of top coat. This stops you from getting that gritty feeling from the glitter and leaves you with a nice smooth finish.

And this is the final result..

Glitter Nail Art
I absolutely love this way of wearing glitter. I think it is perfect for the upcoming party season, I know I’ll be wearing these nails a lot in the lead up to Christmas!
For those of you in the North East of England who love nail art – for short or long nails – I must recommend my incredibly talented cousin. She has her own business specializing in nails as well as other beauty treatments and she is AMAZING! I know she’s incredibly busy and possibly booked up until Christmas at the minute, but if you are interested I’ll leave her details below so you can try and get an appointment with her – you will love her! Here are some of her beautifully glam creations…

Nails by ER Beauty ?

Her facebook page is ER Beauty


As always thank for reading everyone! Let me know if any of you try this out, I’d love to see your creations.

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One comment on “Glitter Nail Art for Short Nails
  1. Kelsie says:

    What a great post! I too have short nails as I find long ones too impractical. This is such a cute look. I think I will try it, now just to find some glitter! Haha

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