Brow Product: Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl

Day 6 of the Beauty Brawl is a brow product review. I’m usually a die-hard Anastasia fan when it comes to brow products, so I took this opportunity to try something different for a change. Remember about 10 years ago when nobody really bothered with brows? Well I definitely fell into that category. When I finally started to pay my eyebrows a bit of attention the first brow product I ever used was a powder. And I loved it! So with that in mind I decided that I would go back to my brow “roots” and review a powder. As brow trends seem to be favoring a more natural look again (finally!!) I thought a powder would be a great product to try as it’s not as heavy as a pencil or a pomade and is great for creating that natural but polished look. I chose to try High Definition’s palette in “bombshell”…


Brow Product - Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl




I received this same product many years ago in a glossybox and absolutely LOVED it! I used to use it for both brows and as eyeshadow, so I was really excited to try it again. When I went to order it this time though I discovered the product was different. Totally different packaging and the palette included a brow wax too. Great I thought, more bang for my buck. I must admit though I really didn’t love it as much this time around. I don’t know whether that is because they have reformulated the powders or if I’ve just discovered better products in the time since I used it last, and so have higher expectations. It is by no means a bad product. I just seem to remember the shadows being more pigmented. I used to need only a touch on the brush to fill my whole brows. With the new palette I find I need to really load the brush. I also used to LOVE the black in the palette. It was one of the truest black shadows I’d found and I used it everyday to blend out my eyeliner. In the new palette the black is more of a grey. I dug out my old palette and I do still prefer it to the new one which makes me think it must have been reformulated. It’s such a shame because I really enjoyed the older version. Oh and the addition of the wax seems pointless to me. I is more of an oily consistency than waxy, and all of the loose powder sticks into it and makes a mess. I also struggle with how to apply it to the brows. I’d rather just use a separate brow setting gel.


Brow Product - Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl




The packaging is very sleek and expensive looking, which I like. It’s a little bulky for the amount of product it contains but that also means that it’s not flimsy or likely to break, so not necessarily a bad thing. I think I prefer the old packing lay out, in that it is a square rather than a line, just because the mirror is then in a shape that you can actually use. Overall quite nice but nothing to get excited about.




In Dubai this is retailing for an eye watering 250dhs – that’s around 50 quid with the current exchange rate!! It’s slightly more reasonably priced in the UK at 30 pounds, but still a little too pricey for what you’re getting in my opinion. Having said that it does last a really long time, as you won’t be using a lot of shadow on your brows each time.


Brow Product - Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl


I think brow products are very difficult to get right – or maybe I’m just fussy. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a product I like as much as the Anastasia brow whizz in taupe. I’m curious to see if any of the other beauty brawl blogger’s have found a good alternative for me – don’t forget to check their blogs and have a look for yourself. As always, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back tomorrow for day 7 which is lipstick.


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