Lipstick: Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl

Hi guys! Welcome back. You’ll be pleased to hear that day 7 of the Beauty Brawl is a good one – lipstick! Lipstick is hands down one of my favourite makeup items. The colour of your lipstick can really change up your look, so it’s an important one to get right. It’s also a lot of fun to play around with! I decided to go for a nude lipstick because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nude lip? These days for my brighter lip colours I tend to prefer a liquid lipstick for their staying power. Plus they don’t get stuck to your teeth. For nude lips though you just can’t beat a traditional lipstick. MAC has been my favourite for lipsticks for many years. They have so many different formulas and every colour you can imagine. And best of all if you have 6 empty MAC products you can take them to your nearest counter and receive a lipstick for free! So that’s exactly what I did. I chose the shade Faux, which is a natural pink/nude in the “satin” formula


Lipstick: Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl

Lipstick: Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl




As you can see from the pictures this is a pink lipstick with brown undertones. The brown undertones make it a really flattering and wearable nude. I think this colour would look great on most skin tones. The satin formula is very creamy and comfortable on the lips. For me the satin formula is the perfect midway between glossy and matte. It’s not sticky or too creamy so that it would slide off your lips in a few minutes, but it’s also not dry or uncomfortable. I can’t fault this lipstick, it’s my new go to. It’s a great “handbag lipstick” meaning that I can have it in my purse and throw it on without a mirror but know it’ll still look great. Highly recommend!




I love the MAC lipstick packaging. Simple and chic and the perfect size to carry around with you. There’s not much more to say about it really!




I feel as though every time I buy a MAC lipstick they’ve gone up in price. I remember when they were 9.50 and I swear it wasn’t THAT long ago! They’re now 15 pounds!! Although I’m alarmed at the rate at which the prices are shooting up, I will say that I think 15 pounds isn’t too unreasonable. They’re not as expensive as most high end lipsticks and the quality is just as good. So although they’re by no means cheap they’re definitely worth the investment if you want to treat yourself once in a while.


Lipstick: Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl

As always thank for reading everyone. Let me know your favourite MAC lipstick in the comments. And of course don’t forget to check out the other girls participating in the beauty brawl, they’re all linked below.


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