Hand Cream: Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl

Hand cream? I don’t even know where to start. Hand cream is honestly not something I ever reach for, a decision I am sure to regret when I’m 35 and have the hands of an 80 year old. So when I read that day 9 of the beauty brawl was to review a hand cream I panicked. I was about to go and buy one when I remembered that I actually do have one and it’s well used. As many of you will know I worked as cabin crew up until February of this year. And as all of you will know aeroplanes have got to be the driest places ever created. So although I don’t use a hand cream in my day to day life, I used to swear by them at work. I don’t know how I managed to forget that! I never used to leave for a flight with out a tube of The Body Shop’s hemp hand protector in my pocket. You’ll be able to tell from the picture that it was well loved!


Hand Cream



The product is fantastic in my opinion. It is sooooo creamy and moisturising but it doesn’t leave your hands too sticky. I think maybe for every day life I might have found this too heavy and my hands would be slip-sliding off of everything I touch, but in a super dry environment my hands would drink it up. So if you suffer from extremely dry skin then I think you’d love this. The only downside is the smell. I guess the clue is in the title, hemp was never going to be my cup of tea! It’s a little too medicinal for me personally but it’s not awful. If you like that sort of smell then this might be up your street. It’s such a good moisturiser though that I can overlook this one flaw.




I really like that the hand cream is in a tube that you can squeeze and get out every last drop. The only downside to that is it looks super messy after like, a minute! As you can tell from the picture, it ends up looking a bit gross if you’re using it a lot. The packaging is weighty and luxurious before you end up trashing it though. And the colour is in keeping with the smell. All in all I’m pretty happy with it.




I believe this was £10 when I bought it. Pretty pricey for a hand cream when you compare it to the likes of nivea. However, if you compare to the likes of Jo Malone or something similar then it’s a steal! I think it’s more comparable to the high end creams, so actually the price isn’t half bad. Also you get an absolute tonne of cream in this tube, it’ll last you all winter.


Hand Cream


For someone who isn’t really into moisturiser or hand cream I actually ended up LOVING this product. If you find yourself reaching for a hand moisturiser I urge you to check this one out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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