Five Ways to Wear A Red Lip

5 Different Ways to Wear a Red Lip

What’s better than a red lip at this time of year? Nothing I say! Teamed with heeled boots, chunky knits and chai lattes ? you have the perfect Christmas shopping outfit! I love red lips so much and I wear them so frequently, but this wasn’t always the case. I used to think because I was fair haired and pink skinned with small lips I couldn’t possibly suit a red lipstick. Then I landed my job as cabin crew 5 years ago and red ljpatick was part of my uniform. I learned pretty quickly what suited me and what didn’t. For me I need to stick to the blue toned reds, like Mac ruby woo. Once you’ve figured out which red is good for you then you can start to experiment with different ways of wearing it. Intrigued? Read on..

The Glitter Red Lip

Are you all sick of hearing me talk about glitter lips yet? I just LOVE glitter. I think this is such a statement look and perfect for the festivities this time of year. I’ll be wearing them none stop!


Glitter Red Lip


The Glossy Red Lip

I’m a bit of a gloss-o-phobe I must say, usually I’m matte all the way. There’s just something so glam about a glossy red lip that I can’t resist! Be careful when and where you chose to wear this look though. If it’s windy out, pass! Your hair will get stuck. If you’re eating a meal also maybe pass as you’ll have to touch up non-stop. More of a look for Christmas parties I think, where you can sip through a straw and continue to look fabulous.


Glossy Red Lip


The Ombré Red Lip

Old faithful red ombré. This is a great way to make little lips look bigger. It’s also a good way to incorporate more of an orange toned red into your look, even if you have my kind of colouring and don’t necessarily suit it. What I like to do is apply a dark, burgundy red liner. Then go in with your usual red, in my case Mac ruby woo. Then finish with a bright orange red just in the center of the lips. This will give the illusion of shadows and highlights and make your lips look more three dimensional and plump. Very Marilyn Monroe!


Red Ombre lip


The Stained Red Lip

The best for those who are a little frightened of red lips. I remember the first time I ever wore a red lipstick I was convinced that everyone was staring and my mouth. Obviously they weren’t but you never want to feel self conscious like that or uncomfortable with your makeup. So if you want to incorporate a bit of red without making such a statement, why not use a stain? You can use a specific staining product, such as benefit’s benetint or use a normal lipstick but apply it with your fingers. Concentrate the colour on the center of the lips and blend out to the edges. This will give you a beautifully natural red pout, making it look like you’ve been outside on a winters day.


Stained Red Lip

The Velvet Red Lip

If you’re a matte lip lover like myself this one is for you. Apply your lipstick as normal and then top with a red eyeshadow or pigment. This will give you a beautiful velvet effect on the lips. If you suffer from dry lips make sure to exfoliate first, as the powder will cling to any dry skin and look unsightly.

What is your favourite way to wear a red lip? And what is your favourite red lipstick? I’d love to try a red lipstick from Chanel but I’m always overwhelmed with the choice! Thanks so much for reading everyone!

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