Travel Makeup

I can’t believe that it is the 15th of December already and we’re half way through the month! Today is travel day, I’m flying back to the U.K. to spend Christmas with my family, so as you’re reading this I’m probably on the plane. I’m really torn this year, so incredibly excited to be spending Christmas with my friends and family at home, but so sad not to be with my “Dubai family”. I know I’ll miss my boyfriend and my little dog a lot while I’m away. I can think of worse problems to have though, too many loved ones can’t be a bad thing!

So on to the makeup! Today I thought I’d share with you the makeup that I’m traveling with. I have some clients whilst I’m at home so I’m having to take my kit with me too. (Makeup Kit + Christmas presents + clothes = one very over weight suitcase!) I thought I would show you what I’m taking for my personal makeup and then if anyone is interested I can do a separate post on what I keep on my professional kit.

I find packing for this type of trip a lot more difficult than for a summer holiday. During the summer it’s easy to pack light as most of the time I wouldn’t be wearing makeup. During the holidays though I want to have enough with me to create glam looks for all the festivities, without over packing. The best way I find to do this is to pack palettes so that you have lots of options contained in one makeup item.


I stuck to old faithful illamasqua skinbase because I know it won’t let me down no matter what how badly my skin freaks out with the cold weather. It also photographs beautifully which is important at this time of year. Everyone loves a photo when friends and family reunite at Christmas so it’s important that your foundation is up to it.


I cheated a little here and brought 2 items, both by Anastasia, naturally! Since changing my hair I’m still playing around to get the perfect brow colour (I need them tinting really!) so I’ve been using the brow pomade in chocolate and the brow definer in caramel. I think the pomade in caramel is what I really need but rather than buy something new I’m working with what I’ve got!


I didn’t think I could love the Anastasia modern Renaissance palette any more, and then I dyed my hair. It’s even more perfect now that I have red hair so of course this one was coming with me!


Travel makeup



This NARS palette is everything I need and more for my cheeks and it has a highlighter in there too, so I don’t even need to pack an extra product. Perfect.


Travel makeup

Travel Makeup


This is where I like to mix it up. If you keep the rest of your makeup the same but change your lip colour the whole look becomes totally different. So for this reason i love to travel with lots of Lip options as they’re small and light. I’ve packed a red, a burgundy, an orange, a pink and a nude to cover all bases!


Travel makeup


Other than that I have just packed the basics. Mascara, concealer, liner and powder. I also have one pair of lashes that I customized myself (click here to find out how).

What do you guys usually travel with? I feel like this is quite a lot but as I said I want to be able to go glam for parties etc. Anyone have any great tips on how to pack l less? Let me know in the comments! And as always thank you so much for reading.

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