Where to Find Great Ideas for Nail Designs

Happy new year to all of you lovely readers! I’m sad to say I totally failed on the blogmas goal. I was back in the UK and between working and catching up everyone blogging took a bit of a backseat. Also the constantly dark weather and painfully slow wifi didn’t help with photographs or uploading. I’m determined to make up for it in January though! So today I’m easing myself (and yourself) back into it with a quick post on nail designs.


Whilst I was home I noticed so many people had amazing festive nail art for the Christmas period, so naturally I had to get in on the action! As you’ll know from some of my other posts I love playing around with different nail designs. My mum created this really cute Christmas design for me which is perfect for this time of year. It looks amazing but it’s surprisingly simple!


nail designs


We used the app “nail designs” to get the idea. I’d never used this app and I think it’s great! I downloaded it immediately. It has loads of cool nail design ideas and step by step guides on how to achieve them. They have loads to choose from so it’ll keep you going for a while! I’ll definitely be playing around with the app more this year, it’s a good one for when you hit a creative block and can’t think of anything yourself.


Nail Designs

Nail Designs


Let me know if any of you lovelies know of any other great apps like this one!



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