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I’ve made no secret of my dislike of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Dislike might be too strong of a word but I certainly wasn’t in any rush to hand over my hard earned cash to Kylie Jenner. Love them or loath them though there is no denying that as a family they’ve had a huge impact on the beauty industry. So when Kylie first launched her cosmetic line I was, of course, curious to see what all the fuss was about. Luckily for me my sisters are huge fans. They own a few of the Kylie cosmetics products an whilst I was at home over Christmas they very kindly let me try them out.

Kylie Cosmetics



The products that I tried out were mainly the lip kits, though I did try one gloss. Within the lip kits you get a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. For me both the lip liner and liquid lipstick were only “OK”. They weren’t bad by any means but I certainly don’t think they are worth the enormous hype surrounding them, I guess that’s all about the name though.


The liner is creamy and pigmented but I find it hard to get a sharp line with it, I actually found it easier to use the liquid lipstick applicator for that. The liquid lipstick is nice, but nothing ground breaking. They can be very very drying on the lips, this seems to vary from shade to shade though. The dark colours have the tendency to go on patchy, which is often the case with liquid lipsticks from any brand, but worth noting . I also found that these lipsticks gave me the worst case of “butt hole lips” I’ve ever experienced. You know when the colour starts to wear off on the inside of your lips and your mouth begins to look like a cats bum? Very unpleasant! The thing I really like about the liquid lipsticks though is the colour range. Like the Anastasia range they are all very modern and “on trend” shades that aren’t necessarily available in other brands.


For me the stand out product though was the lipgloss, which is odd because I rarely where lipgloss. I found it was pigmented without being too pigmented like a melted lipstick, not sticky and extremely comfortable to wear. Big fan of the lipgloss!


Kylie Cosmetics

Wearing Vixen Lipkit and Gloss




The packaging isn’t to my personal taste but that’s probably because it’s aimed at a younger market. It’s not unpleasant packaging though! It is modern and clean looking which is always nice but I would have preferred something a little more luxurious and less “plastic” for the price – I’m sure a 15 year old would disagree though! The doe foot applicator that comes with the liquid lipstick is great and much better than the brush applicator that was with the original lipsticks.




The price is the bit that gets me and why I would never purchase something from Kylie cosmetics myself. As I mentioned earlier the entire brand is obviously targeting teenagers and young women, which is great, but I don’t feel that the price point really reflects that. The prices are more in line with your MAC, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia type brands. So not super high end like Chanel or Givenchy, but a lot closer to that than they are drugstore. Again that’s great, but I don’t think the quality of the product warrants that price. Look at Tanya Burr cosmetics for instance – her products are just as good, if not better, also aimed at younger girls and they’re are incredibly reasonably priced. I think for the prices being charged the products should be of a higher quality and have a much more luxury¬†feel to them. But like I said – maybe that’s me being an old lady.

On top of that if you are ordering from the UK you have to pay delivery which isn’t cheap and customs charges. Another irk of mine is that the products are never in stock, making them ridiculously difficult to get a hold of. Part of me wonders if this isn’t a clever tactic to make them seem even more desirable. Who knows, maybe I’m a cynic, all I know is that from an outsiders perspective the whole thing seems a little greedy.


Having said all of this though I must point out that as a company Kylie Cosmetics do seem to be trying to improve on things and listening to their customer feedback, so I really can’t knock them for that. The original brush that I mentioned earlier has been replaced with a doe foot applicator on the recommendation of their customers, and from what I’ve heard they are always working to improve the formula. So who knows maybe in a few years it will be a great cosmetic brand, but for now I’ll let you lot try it out and get back to me!


Thanks for reading everyone!


Kylie Cosmetics

Wearing Dolce Lipkit



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