Mask Binging

As I mentioned in my beauty resolutions post last week I really need to give my skin a little more TLC. So with that in mind I decided to try out the newest skincare craze – mask binging. Sounds pretty disgusting right? Well don’t panic it’s actually a lot nicer than you would imagine and much better for you than the kind of binge you might be used to!


So what exactly is mask binging? Well basically it’s just applying face mask after face mask to give your skin a real treat. I recommend doing this whilst indulging in a netflix series binge or something equally as indulgent and lazy – because let’s be honest who has the time to be applying 5 face masks back to back on a normal day?! Well me actually, I’m working from home today so I decided to try this out whilst blogging, emailing, cleaning etc. and to report back.


I have pretty oily skin but I’m also a little worried about wrinkles so I don’t want to dry out my skin too much. So taking that into account I picked 4 masks – 3 of them were for deep cleasing, oil regulating and pore clearing and the last one was a sheet mask to add a little life back into my face.


Well first of all I have to point out that its a bit of a pain continuing to apply masks every 20 minutes. It’s certainly not something I’ll be adding to my daily routine. If I’m good maybe I’ll do it every week but most likely it’ll become a luxurious treat that I do every month or so. Also going through 4 masks or more on a regular basis will start to cost a pretty penny, so again this isn’t something you’re going to want to do everyday.


mask binging

How cute is this monster sheet mask?!


On to the results though! I must admit I really did like how my skin looked and felt after the “binge”. It definitely looked a lot brighter and more radiant. The lines on my forehead appear to have reduced significantly (for now, I’m sure this is temporary) and all of my skin seems a lot plumper. My face feels super clean and fresh and my pores look a lot less visible.


Mask Bingeing


So in conclusion I think the effort of mask bingnig is worth the results. Perhaps the same could have been achieved with only 2 or 3 masks, perhaps not, that’s something I’ll be experimenting with in the future. I would do this treatment before a special event if you want a perfect looking base. Or just if your skin needs a little help, I’ve not long been back from the UK and my skin has not been enjoying the changes in climate so this was the perfect remedy.


Have any of you guys tried mask binging? Which masks did you go for and what were your thoughts? I’d love to know. Thanks as always for stopping by.


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3 comments on “Mask Binging
  1. Holly says:

    I’d never tried this before but I love the idea!! I might have to try it out when I have a couple of hours spare to sit and relax!
    Thanks for the tip 🙂 xx

  2. Desiree says:

    what a novel idea, I love the monster mask so cute

  3. Lubz says:

    I’ve never heard of mask binging. But I’d definitely try it. I use a mask three times a week (if that). So this would definitely be scheduled for the time when I’m “free”.

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