Review: Mermaid Brushes

I’m just going to start off by pointing out the obvious – I am incredibly late to the party with this one. The Artis brushes that started this trend of oval or mermaid brushes were released several years ago now and I think most of you have probably tried them by now. Not me! I was always put off by the price tag – the Artis brushes are £284 for a set of 10. So when I saw a similar set for 31 dirhams (that’s around £7) I couldn’t say no. I knew the quality wouldn’t be comparable to the Artis set but I thought it would be a good way to try the trend and find out if I like the idea of applying makeup in this way.

mermaid makeup brushes

First Impressions

My first impression on receiving the set  was that they looked incredibly cheap (that’s because they were) and the packaging was kind of falling apart. They arrived in a cardboard box that was a little beaten up and then inside the brushes were laid out in a plastic tray. For 31dhs I can get over it though. The brushes themselves have black plastic handles – they’re quite flimsy and look like they could snap quite easily. But the bristles are incredibly soft and don’t feel plastic at all.


Using the Brushes

I’ve had the brushes for a while now and I’ve had time to give them a really thorough try. I must admit they take some getting used to, it’s a strange way to apply makeup. I read that the idea behind the brushes was to make it easier to apply makeup to yourself. Traditional makeup brushes with a straight handle were apparently created with makeup artists in mind so that they’re easy to hold and apply to someone else’s face. These brushes with more of a “toothbrush” style handle are meant to be easier for using on your own face. I don’t know if I necessarily agree that it makes it easier – it’s just kind of different!


I don’t want to waffle on too much as I have quite a bit to say about them, so let me break it down into what I like and what I don’t like about the brushes:


What I like about the mermaid brushes:

  • The bristles are super soft and smooth on the skin
  • I love the long, thin toothbrush looking brushes the most. They’re awesome for applying shadow liner and for super precise contouring.
  • I quite like the medium sized round brushes for applying blush. It’s a very different way to apply blush for me. I usually go for something with fluffy bristles and gently buff the blush onto the cheeks. Because these brushes are so dense you end up applying the blush a lot heavier than you normally would. However because the mermaid brushes are all super soft they are incredible at blending. So while you might expect such a dense brush to give you an intense block of colour you actually end up with a beautifully blended blush that lasts ALL DAY. It took a while for me to get the hang of this but I actually really love it now.
  • They look pretty on my dressing table – it’s as good a reason as any when they cost so little! For this price if you buy them and hate them you can use them for decoration and not feel guilty about it.


What I don’t like about the mermaid brushes:

  • The biggest brushes are a bit useless to me – I don’t like them for foundation or powder as they’re just a little too dense for my liking and apply the product blotchy.
  • The brushes seem to soak up a lot of product, meaning you end up using more.


So as you can see the pros outweigh the cons, and for £7 I’d say that’s a win! I’ve really enjoyed using the brushes and I’ll definitely continue to use some of them in my everyday routine.


Mermaid brush


Have any of you tried anything similar to these mermaid brushes? Or do any of you have the real deal Artis brushes? If so I’d love to know if you think they’re worth it or if this is just a beauty trend that will be forgotten about in a year or two? I’m inclined to think it might be as I’m definitely seeing them used less and less.


As always thank you so much for stopping by!


Mermaid Brushes


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