Jamsu: The Latest Weird Beauty Trend

Is it just me or are beauty trends getting stranger and stranger? I wrote a post a few months back about my favourite weird beauty trends (click here to read it) but now there’s a new, even more bizarre trend doing the rounds. It’s called Jamsu which roughly translated means “diving” or “submerging”. The trend started in Japan but where it really started to take of was in Korea, and with Korean beauty being so popular it wasn’t long  before Jamsu took the rest of the beauty world by storm too.

So what is Jamsu?


When I first read about this trend over on Wayne Goss’s blog I had to re read it just to double check I wasn’t going  mad. The technique of Jamsu involves applying your foundation and concealer and any other liquid or cream products as normal. Pretty straight forward so far, right? Well hold on because things are about to get crazy. After your base is applied the next step is to take a handful of baby powder and cover your entire face with it. This is where we get to the “diving” part. Fill a large bowl with cool water and submerge your entire face in the bowl. Make sure all of the powder is covered and keep your head in the water for 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds are up (and if you’re anything like me you’ve almost passed out from lack of oxygen) remove your face from the water and pat dry with a towel. In theory you should be left with a beautifully flawless face that won’t budge all day. It’s kind of like hardcore “baking” because it’s using a powder along with the heat of your skin to seal the makeup in place.




Does it work?


Obviously I had to try this out for myself. It sounded too good to be true. All of the reviews I read promised a  smooth and flawless finish to my makeup, powders should blend effortlessly into the jamsu base and best of all it will keep my oily face in place all day. All of this with the added bonus of the technique being super cheap to achieve as I’d only need talc and water. So, much to my boyfriend’s delight, I set about covering my face in talc and dunking myself in a bowl of water.


The first thing that I discovered was that once I had emerged from the water and pat dried my face it was very patchy. I had white patches of talc all over my face so to get rid of this I used a fluffy brush to buff the talc away. I also noticed that my face was VERY white. I’d even put on a much darker foundation in anticipation of the talc causing a white cast, but this made little difference. Even once I’d applied bronzer and blush over the top my face was still extremely pale. The talc seemed to almost absorb the product I applied over top of it so my bronzer and blush appeared invisible.


The other thing I really hated about the Jamsu technique was that it was extremely uncomfortable. Obviously talc is used to absorb moisture, so again I was prepared for a little dryness. This was something else though. I have very oily skin so I was expecting the initial dry feeling to ease as my face started to produce oil throughout the day, this was absolutely not the case. It was so dry and uncomfortable that it was almost painful to move my face, I was aware of the talc all day. Some of the powder had got into my eyes too when I was dunking my face and that caused endless irritation too.


In regards to the makeup lasting – Jamsu certainly delivered on that promise. My makeup did not budge, it was indestructible all day! Sadly my makeup looked ugly and felt awful so I actually didn’t want it to last all day.


Jamsu Korean Beauty Trend

This picture was taken after my first Jamsu attempt – I think my expression says it all! Miserable and flashed back AF


Would I recommend Jamsu?


Absolutely not. I tried this technique three times just to make sure I was giving it a fair test. Sometimes these things take a bit of practice. I can confirm each experience was as uncomfortable as the last! I find that Jamsu gave my a very pale and patchy finish to my makeup, it was very uncomfortable and extremely messy. I’d recommend you avoid this bizarre makeup craze and wait for the next one. I will point out that I’ve heard you get better results if you use a face powder rather than talc. I’m not prepared to waste that much of an expensive product to test that theory but if anyone else is then please let me know how it turns out!


Thanks for reading everyone, let me know of any other weird beauty trends, you know I love them!

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7 comments on “Jamsu: The Latest Weird Beauty Trend
  1. Thank you for trying this out! Love your blog x

  2. Ellie says:

    Wow now this is crazy! As soon as you said cover your face in baby powder I was like what!! Never mind then dunking your head in water ? I can’t believe this is a craze! I think I’ll definitely pass on giving this one a go – I couldn’t stand my face feeling that uncomfortable all day! But nevertheless I loved reading about this so thanks for sharing!

    Ellie xx


  3. Nailderella says:

    That’s such a weird technique lol Thanks for trying it and telling us what you think about it!

  4. Melanie says:

    This is a very interesting post. I am going to try this tomorrow… Loved your photos of the step by step process. Sorry it did not work, but you win some and you loose some. I am sure there will be a new trend doing the rounds again in no time.

  5. Lubz says:

    Wow! This is one crazy technique. Your expression at the end of the post made me laugh! I can’t believe you tried this 3 times!
    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

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