Skincare for Beginners: Tips to Improve Your Skin

As many of you will know skincare is not a strength of mine. So you may well be wondering why on earth I’d be writing a post about it. Well don’t panic, being a complete novice on the topic of skincare I decided to get some help. And who better to ask for advice than some of my fellow beauty bloggers?! I teamed up with a group of lovely ladies and asked them for their best skincare tips in the hope that they could help point me (and you) in the right, skin-saving, direction.


Skincare Bloggers


As I mentioned in my beauty resolutions post at the beginning of the year, I really want to start to take the time to look after my skin. My end goal is to feel comfortable enough to go to work or meet friends without any makeup on at all – maybe I’m kidding myself there but that’s the plan! But where to start? I’m always so overwhelmed with all the skincare options out there. Does it have to be super expensive to be any good? What’s the best thing for my skin type? Do I need a billion different steps in my skincare routine for it to work? How long will it take to work? The list goes on… If, like me, you want to get into some better skincare habits but don’t know where to start, then this post is for you!


Skincare Tips


Q. What Is Your Best Skincare Tip?


  • Wash your face before applying makeup and when you are done with your makeup look for the day. Don’t wait until you go to bed, wash it off as soon as you can.

 – Jordan from Sweets and Mascara 

You can find her on Twitter, facebook and instagram

  • My best skincare tip would be to have a nightly routine, mine consists of taking my makeup off, using a micellar water to cleanse my face, apply moisturiser and then lip balm!

–  Becci from Front Row Fascination

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram

  • Prevention is better than cure! Looking after your skin should be the most important part of your beauty regime. Use an anti-wrinkle or firming cream before you ‘need’ to use it and it will delay any first signs of wrinkles or ageing.

– Harriet from With Lipstick and Love

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • The best skincare tip was to spray setting spray on your face and tap it in with a beauty blender, it stops you make up moving around during the day and keeps your foundation dewy.

– Sanoobar from Sanoobar Unscripted

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  • Always, always, alwaaaays remove your make-up before bed and try your best to always cleanse and moisturise.

– Lucy from Lucy Rachael 

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  • The best skincare tip I’ve been given is to not use makeup wipes because I suffer with dry patches and they make it worse!

– Louise from Jeez Louise

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  • Drink lots of water and moisturise twice a day. 

– Georgia from Georgia Knight 

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram


From reading the awesome tips I think we can all see that taking small steps to improving your skin doesn’t have to be a daunting task. I’m going to focus on making sure I always remove my makeup as soon as I’m home and to drink a lot more water. I think it’s clear to see that establishing a good skincare routine is more important than the products themselves. Once I’ve got that down I will focus on specific products and ingredients.


As always thank you so much for stopping by! I’d love it if you could comment your best skincare  tip below too – sharing is caring after all. A huge thank you to all of the beauty bloggers that collaborated with me on this post – don’t forget to check out their blogs – they have even more awesome beauty tips over there! If you like this kind of collaboration post and want to know when the next one is coming, don’t forget to sign up for the Beauty by Phillippa newsletter below.

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2 comments on “Skincare for Beginners: Tips to Improve Your Skin
  1. Lovely post and I couldn’t agree more about the very first tip: I personally remove my makeup as soon as I get home in the evening, there is a huge difference between 7pm and 11pm and letting the skin breathe between those few hours is really helpful!

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