Eyebrow Extensions: Creepy or Cool?

The makeup tides are turning. The days of plastic looking skin and perfectly chiseled cheeks are definitely numbered. And I don’t know about you but I’m part thrilled and part terrified! I don’t have perfect skin, thick, full brows or naturally defined eyes so the thought of less makeup makes me nervous. So much so that it has lead me to explore the bizarre option of eyebrow extensions.

Yes – you did read that correctly. Extensions for your eyebrows. Is that not the creepiest thing you’ve ever heard? Well luckily for you I’ve tested it out first so that you don’t have to. The things I do in the name of beauty!

So what exactly are eyebrow extensions?

Well the name is kind of misleading. I, for one, have no need for longer brows, I just want more of them! So although the word “extension” would suggest that you’re making the individual brow hairs longer – that’s not how I used them. I used the teeny tiny fake eyebrow hairs and glued them to the areas that my natural brows weren’t growing. Are you totally grossed out yet? I promise it sounds weirder than it actually is!

They’re actually very similar to lash extensions (I wrote a post about them here if you want to know more) in that they are individual hairs designed to adhere to and enhance your natural lashes, or in this case brows. They look a little something like this:

Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow Extensions

How do you apply the eyebrow extensions?

Well the best advice I can give would be to go to a professional – but with prices ranging from $75 – $350 I can’t imagine many of you are going to, and I don’t blame you. So to get the look at home you’ll need a pack of eyebrow extensions, some clear lash/brow adhesive and a pair of tweezers. Then it’s as simple as applying individual eyebrow extensions to wherever you have gaps in your brows! A good tip is to draw an outline of the shape that you want in brow pencil first to act as a guide.

How long will they last?

This is the bit that sucks. If the eyebrow extensions are applied to the skin they aren’t going to last very long. At all. I’m talking like 2 – 5 days. If they’re applied to the hairs then you’re going to get a lot longer out of them, up to 4 weeks. Annoyingly if you already have eyebrow hairs there to begin with you’re not going to need eyebrow extensions. The best way to get the most out of the extensions would be to apply them to the skin and the brows you already have to create really full and fluffy brows.

Now on to the fun part – the before and after!

Eyebrow Extensions


I really loved how they turned out – they looked so natural! I think they would be great for a special occasion like a wedding or weekend away. I’m going to try and keep mine on for a whole week while I go skiing but I can’t imagine I’ll have many extensions left when I return.


There are a few other FAQs that I haven’t address so I’ll briefly touch on them in case  you’re considering the treatment.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely not even a little bit.

How long does it take?

Flippin’ ages! The same sort of time as eyelash extensions so around an hour and a half. It could even take longer if you have no eyebrows of your own.

Is there any after care?

Yes, you must try not to rub them. I had an itch in my eyebrow and I completely forgot about the extensions. It was if it had started raining eyebrows! Also try to sleep on your back as your pillow will rub them off too. Finally avoid oily makeup removers as this will break down the glue.


So what do you guys think? Would you try this – or have you already? It’s great if you don’t want to wear makeup on your brows I just wish that the results lasted a little longer. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to sign up for free updates for more of the latest makeup and beauty trends!

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3 comments on “Eyebrow Extensions: Creepy or Cool?
  1. Lesley wallace says:

    Hi Phillippa – it’s Lesley! Been trying to comment for ages!! Love those eyebrows but they are far too complicated for me. You look gorgeous as per! Congratulations by the way!!! So happy for you both xxx

  2. Nicole says:

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this! How interesting!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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