A Bit of a Blogging Rant..

Hi Guys! Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been slacking recently with blogging and posting to Instagram. It has actually been a conscious decision to take a little bit of time away from social media rather than simply not having the time. So I thought I owed you a bit of an explanation.

Makeup Blogging

I’m going to start with a bit of a back story, so get comfy this is going to be a long post! I’ve always loved makeup and beauty but I really started to get into it when I was about 19 when I first discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube. Tutorials were so different back then, it was just girls sitting in their bedrooms talking about makeup as you would chat to your girlfriends. There was so much less of the “production” that there is now. Also nobody was getting sent anything from brands, so if anyone mentioned a product that they liked it was just because they liked it! The videos just seemed a lot more relatable and sincere and they really sparked my interest in makeup.

This love of makeup lead me to investing in professional courses, workshops and books so when I left my job as cabin crew I felt I had enough knowledge to try and pursue a career as a makeup artist. This is what I’m doing for work now and although it’s really, REALLY hard work to get your name out there and find enough work to make ends meet it’s something I love doing. And getting paid to do something you love is amazing!

That is also why I started blogging. I love creating looks and trying out new makeup and trends. But mostly I just love chatting to others that love makeup as much as I do. Especially as an expat. At home in the UK I had my sisters to play makeovers with and chat to about the latest eyebrow trend. I missed that and blogging helps me fill that hole a little bit.

Recently though I’ve started to feel differently. I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m getting older and seeing things differently, or maybe I just needed a little break. But there have been a few things bothering me about the whole makeup/beauty/blogging community.

Makeup Blogging

I feel like the blogging community has changed. It’s a huge business now with some blogger’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. And good for them! I think that’s amazing – as I said before getting paid to do something you love is the best thing ever. I couldn’t be happier for these bloggers – I’d love to think it was me one day! What bothers me is that because it’s such a big business now bloggers are getting sent so many products, which of course they are showing to their readers or viewers. And then the next week they’re getting sent something else, and something else. So it seems every time you see them they have a new designer handbag or pair of shoes or $60 lipstick. Which is fantastic when you’re getting it sent to you for free but it worries me that their readers (especially younger readers) might feel they need to have these things too. It worries me that they might start to think that all that matters is what you have and what you look like. As long as you look pretty and have the most expensive things then your life will be as perfect as all of these bloggers’.

I do realise that this is ridiculous because before bloggers were a thing, it was just the same scenario with celebrities. And maybe I’m not giving people enough credit. I’d like to think that reader’s can see that blogs and instagram pages are just the highlights of people’s lives and not the day to day. But it does scare me that young girls or boys read these things and think that how you look is the only thing that is important. Because in reality it’s not important at all. Like not even a little bit. And I’d hate to think that I was contributing to the problem – which is why I decided to take a break.

For me I’ve always seen what I do as fun. When I do makeup for clients it’s usually for a special event – weddings, balls, galas etc – and the makeup is part of the experience. It’s fun and makes the client feel a little more special. Or sometimes I do kids face painting and again it’s something fun. Even with blogging, for me it’s fun to write about makeup and I love to read other people’s blogs at the end of the day when I’m relaxing. None of it was ever too serious and I hope that people who read my blog felt that. Recently though this consumerism and product pushing surrounding blogs has made me enjoy the whole experience a lot less. It stopped being fun and so I had to stop.

I’ve also noticed A LOT of negativity towards bloggers and “instagram makeup artists” from other bloggers and makeup artists! And it breaks my heart. This used to be such a positive and inspiring community. That is what made me fall in love with it in the beginning. Now people seem to be trying to get ahead by pushing others down. And there is really no need – there’s enough room for everyone. Also it’s not that important, is it? It’s just makeup, it’s not worth being mean about. If you don’t like dark eyebrows that’s ok, don’t have dark eyebrows. If you do like dark eyebrows, that’s also ok! Draw them on with a sharpie if that’s what makes you happy. It really couldn’t be less important. What counts is how you treat people, and that’s where some people seem to be going wrong. They’re treating people terribly over something as stupid as makeup. It’s meant to be FUN!

So with all of this playing on my mind I decided to step back from blogging for a couple of weeks and really take the time to appreciate what is actually important in life. It also gave me the opportunity to think about whether or not I want to continue blogging.

Makeup Blogging

I’ve decided that despite everything mentioned above, I really do love my blog and I am going to continue with it. I’m under no illusion that that many people are even reading my blog to begin with, but for those who are I want to make it a really positive and fun little corner of the internet. Somewhere we can come together and discuss makeup knowing that in the grand scheme of things it’s really not all that important.

So I hope that I wasn’t too much of a Debbie Downer I just felt I owed you an explanation for my absence. It was also sort of cathartic to get that all off of my chest! I’ll be back to blogging about makeup from now on – I promise! As always thank you SO much for reading and commenting on my posts – it really does mean the world to me!


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  1. I agree with everything you said here. I try to do my own thing for fun and avoid any drama! X

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