Choosing the Perfect Summer Foundation

Choosing the Perfect Summer Foundation

Welcome back beauty addicts! I’ve mentioned before how much I love eyeshadow palettes. In fact I’ve written several posts on my love for them. Eyeshadow is like that sparkly item that attracts the magpie in me. But sadly that is not my only beauty vice. I also have a bit of a thing for foundations. I’d love to be one of those women who can wear makeup with no foundation, or just a slick of tinted moisturiser – but I am not. There’s something about blurring out those imperfections that I just love.



My shameful foundation collection…


Being the over thinker that I am, I can’t just buy a foundation on impulse –   a great amount of research takes place before I ever purchase a makeup item. So this post is going to be a quick run through of some of the foundations I currently have my beady little eye on and why I think they’ll be great.


Estee Lauder Double Wear


Why it Interests Me – This foundation used to be my go to years ago. Then I started working as cabin crew and the foundation started to cause me to break out. I think it was because it is quite a heavy base and as crew, I’d sometimes have it on my face for 20 hours plus – and my skin was not a fan. So, of course, I stopped wearing it.


I recently tried this foundation again though and guess what? I totally fell back in love. It is nowhere near as heavy as I remember it being! Don’t get me wrong – it is full coverage and matte. But it’s not as cakey or dry as I remember it being. It’s actually a beautiful fluid consistency and applied with a very damp beauty sponge it looks incredible on the skin. The secret is definitely to use only a thin layer. The pigment is enough that you only need a very small amount and you’ll still achieve a great coverage. If you have oily skin this stuff is a dream. It lasts so long and it’s matte without making your skin look lifeless. In fact, I even managed to create a lovely almost dewy finish by applying it with a sponge.


Claims –

  • Long-wearing and lightweight feel foundation
  • Coverage: Medium- buildable ; Finish: Natural to Semi-matte
  • Looks natural through heat, humidity and non-stop activities
  • Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes
  • Oil-free, fragrance-free, non-acnegenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested
  • 15-hour staying power with SPF 10

A pretty impressive list of claims, I think you’ll agree. I was surprised to see that the SPF is only 10 as I know this foundation can give the worst white face with flash photography. I think the best way to avoid this is to apply it in thin layers. The thicker the layer the more coverage that you’ll achieve and this could be what causes the flash back.


Price – 210dhs – it’s pretty devastating when I think of how much cheaper this is in the UK but that’s life in Dubai. As far as foundations go as unless you’re going for a drugstore brand this is a pretty average price.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation


Makeup Forever Ultra HD


Why it Interests Me – This one I haven’t tried before – but I’ve heard such amazing things that I’m definitely considering investing. I absolutely love the Ultra HD stick foundation from the same range – but sadly it breaks down very quickly on my oily skin (review here). So I’m hoping this foundation will give similar results that are more appropriate for us oily gals. I’d love to know if any of you guys have tried this and what your thoughts on it are.


Claims –

. “Completely invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight, second-skin texture that looks just like skin.”


This foundation claims to give a high coverage whilst leaving you skin with a very natural skin. It was created to look undetectable on HD TV. The makeup forever website claims that it is long lasting and the perfect everyday foundation. For that reason I am VERY excited by this foundation. 


Price – 210dhs


Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation


Tarte Clay Stick Foundation


Why It Interests Me – I’m currently using the Tarte amazonian clay foundation and I love it! So when I heard that there was a new Tarte foundation on the block my ears pricked up. The fact that it is a stick foundation interested me even further – you all know how lazy I am so the ease of a stick foundation really appeals to me!


Claims – Tarte describe this foundation as both creamy and matte. The coverage claims to be natural – which surprised me as stick foundations on the whole tend to be a little heavier. As part of Tarte’s “clay” range this foundation is also packed with skin goodies so it’s also meant to be great for you. Creamy-matte coverage, natural finish and great for the skin – what’s not to love here! Let’s hope this is as good as it says it is!


Price – 190dhs – the most reasonable of the bunch!


Tarte Clay Stick Foundation



Chanel CC Cream


Why it Interest Me – *Spoiler alert* this is another one that I’ve already tried. After getting a recommendation from a friend I picked up one of the teeny tiny samples from a Chanel counter and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not usually into Chanel or the other designer brands for makeup, because while I think their items are good they’re certainly no better than more mid range brands. You’re paying mainly for the name and the packaging. I will say, however, that Chanel are pretty good at base products. I’ve loved every foundation I’ve tried from Chanel and this CC cream was no exception.


On the whole I tend to avoid anything in the BB/CC/DEFGH… family because they’re usually too “dewy” for my oily skin and make me look greasy. Also I enjoy a slighty heftier coverage, a beauty habit I wish I could break! But anyway, I digress..


This CC cream is certainly dewy but it doesn’t look too oily on me thankfully. It feels like a real treat for the skin. It also has SPF 50, which as someone living in the desert, I VERY much appreciate. What I love the most about it though is that it has amazing coverage! I’m hooked after the sample, so I definitely want to try the full sized bottle – it’s just the price that puts me off!


Claims – This little exert is stolen straight from the Chanel website. “In an enhanced formula, this fusion of skincare and long-wearing makeup helps correct, soothe, moisturize, protect and perfect the complexion.”

I like the sound of a makeup and skincare fusion!


Price – 330dhs – ouch!


Chanel CC Cream


The inner makeup junkie in me wants to buy them all, but the more reasonable I’m-saving-for-a-wedding part of me has limited my self to just one. So what do you guys think, are there any others I need to add to my “lust list”? Or have you tried any of these yourself? Comment below and help me out – decision making is really not a strength of mine!


Also if you too are agonising over a makeup purchase – check out if you haven’t already – they have so many great reviews on literally every makeup item EVER and it’ll help make the desision that little bit less painful.




As always thank you so much for stopping by and reading!


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