Review: Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Review: Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette

Remember in my last post when I said I had a thing for eyeshadow palettes? Yep well, I did it again! In my defense the Tarteist pro palette¬†was a gift from my gorgeous boyfriend for our anniversary – isn’t he a cutie!? Our anniversary was on May 15th so I’ve had a good few weeks to test this baby out, so right about now seems the perfect time to give you guys a review!

But before any of that can we just take a minute to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL this palette is!?

It almost hurts me to put a brush in and mess it up!


Tarteist Pro Palette



Tarteist Pro – Product

So side from the fact the Tarteist pro palette is very pretty, what else do I like about it?

Well where do I start?! (Can you tell that this is going to be a rave review?)

Firstly it smells incredible – probably not great if you’re sensitive to scent or perfume but I am not and I very much appreciate¬†the chocolatey goodness in my nose every time I open the palette.

I’m also really enjoying the fact that most of the shadows are matte. In the past few years matte shadows have become very “on trend” and super popular. However, despite this recent matte-love in the beauty world my inner magpie has always favoured shimmers and sparkles when it comes to eye makeup. Because of this I honestly don’t have a huge amount of matte shadows in my collection (hard to believe if you’ve seen the size of my beauty stash!) and so the tarteist pro palette made a refreshing change.

And when I say matte I’m not talking patchy, chalky and difficult to blend (another reason I tend not to love mattes). These beauties are so soft and almost creamy to apply

There are 4 shimmers in the palette – all of which are stunning and compliment the matte shades fantastically. They are beautifully pigmented too and not at all chunky – check out the swatches below!


Tarteist Pro Palette

Some of my favourite matte shades…

Tarteist Pro Palette

… and the shimmers…


Now let’s talk about the shade range. Amazing, right? The palette contains both cool and warm tones – but let’s be real, not that many of us are crazy for the cool tones, am I right? I find these shades aren’t too blue toned or unwearable. For me this is a real bonus because I’d never wear anything too cool as it would just look terrible on me! My personal favourites are “mod” and “drama” (of course I love the reds!) “bold” a beautiful camel colour and “profesh”.

Tarteist Pro – Price

At 285dhs it’s pricey but not crazy compared to similiar products from other brands. I also think that you get a lot of product for your money. There are 20 shadows in total and they’re a reasonable size. It’s also a very wearable palette it’s something you could easilyadd to your daily makeup routine – making it totally worth it in my book! I don’t think you’d regret splashing the cash a little on this.

Tarteist Pro – Packaging

I really like the size of the mirror in the tarteist pro palette. It always used to make me laugh when people said that in reviews.. “it’s great but no mirror” or “I wish it had a bigger mirror” I’d always wonder if these people didn’t own their own mirror or they secretly lived in a cave. Why on Earth would anyone care so much about a crappy makeup packaging mirror? But I have to say that since living with a boy – I get it. I totally appreciate the need for a mirror in your eyeshadow palette. It’s also really handy if you were to use this in your kit because it means you don’t necessarily have to carry an additional mirror for clients.

What I love a little less about the packaging is the matte black cover – it’s very pretty and sleek when the palette is new but it’s that “finger-printy” material – I believe that’s the scientific terminology – and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just not about that life.


As you can probably tell by now this palette gets two big thumbs up from me. For any of you considering purchasing for yourself though, my rave might not be enough to convince you. So I’ve put together a good old fashioned pros and cons list so that you can weigh it up for yourself and decide if it’s worth the investment.

  • Fantastic quality – great colour payoff, not patchy, blends nicely etc etc
  • Smells great – not exactly vital in an eyeshadow palette but good to know
  • Packaging is slim line, lightweight and contains a huge mirror
  • It’s cruelty free – Yayyyy!
  • The colour range is so pretty and super wearbable
  • The smell might not be to everyone’s taste. Also probably not great if you’re sensitive to perfumes etc.
  • The shadows are quite powdery so leave a lot of “dust” after you’ve put your brush into them. This doesn’t bother me but might not be great for the neat freaks out there.
  • The packaging gets real grubby, real fast. It’s a little bit devastating.
Please let me know what you guys think of this palette – do you love it as much as I do? I love reading other people’s blogs so if you have a review on this (or any other eye palette – y’all know I love them) then pop a link in the comments below.
Also if you’re not already following me on instagram go have a look, I often post looks that I’ve created using the Tarteist pro over there.
As ever thank you for dropping by!
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2 comments on “Review: Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette
  1. Beautifinda says:

    Beautiful palette and what a gift!


  2. Nicole says:

    Such a pretty palette! The shades are gorgeous!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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