Floating Liner – New Beauty Trend

Floating Liner – New Beauty Trend

Up until this morning, I hadn’t ever heard the term “floating liner”. During my morning perusal off Instagram, I came across this post and I was immediately curious!

So after a bit of investigation work, I came to discover that floating liner, or invisible liner as it was originally known, is the new beauty trend du jour. Is it just me or are these trends getting weirder and weirder?

Floating Liner

Floating Liner


So what is floating liner?

Floating liner is basically a blank space on the eyelid where the liner would normally go. It’s usually teamed with a very dramatic eyeshadow look to give a beautiful contrast to the empty space. This is why it was originally known as invisible liner.

The craze is believed to have been started by Stacey McDonald (check out her work it’s so pretty!) She said it was accidental, she had kept the area clear with the intention of filling it with liner but loved the look of the gap between lashes and eyeshadow.


Floating Liner Floating Liner Floating Liner


The rest, as they say, is history! The look is now trending on Instagram with so many other artists recreating the look.

Naturally, I wanted to get in on the action too, so here is my attempt.


Floating Liner


It turned out a little more Christmassy than I’d hoped it would, and it certainly needs a little more practice, but it’s actually surprisingly wearable!

I mean it’s not wear-it-to-the-office on the daily wearable, but I’d wear it on a night out or to a music festival. It gives you eye a lot of lift so it’s actually quite flattering on droopy eyes like mine. Just be ready for the “you’ve forgotten your liner” comments from you less makeup savvy friends.

It’s also relatively easy to do. Create whatever eyeshadow masterpiece your little heart desires, then all you need to do is use a liner brush and some non-oily makeup remover (I like the Garnier micellar water) and apply as you would liner. Voila!

Alternatively, you can use tape – I tried this though and I ended up taping both of my eyes shut so maybe not for everyone!

What do you think? Would you wear this? Tag me on Instagram #beautybyphillippa if you’ve tried this, I’d love to see your creations! I think this is such a fun look.

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