5 Easy Ways To Add Colour To Your Makeup

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every year as the seasons change the same trends seem to come around time and time again. One of which is brighter and more colourful makeup for summer. It always looks incredible on models in magazines but can it be worn by the everyday woman?


Well, I think so, yes!


Here are my top tips for incorporating colourful makeup in your routine without looking or feeling like a clown:

1. A Bold Colourful Lip


This is probably the easiest and most obvious way to inject some colour into your makeup. A bright pink, coral or red lip always looks amazing with a little bronzer and not much else on the face. Very summery and because the rest of the is kept to a minimum you don’t look over done. Nor do you have to worry about your makeup sweating off in the summer heat. If you’re feeling really brave I think no makeup at all and a bold lip looks incredible – especially if you’re on holiday. It’s the perfect pool-to-party makeup trick – all you need to do is take a lipstick with you and you’re ready to hit the bar!


Bold Lip


2. Eyeliner

Eyeliner is another great way to experiment with colour. You can keep it very subtle by applying a coloured eyeliner to the water line. Navy blue will make the white of your eyes look very bright and make you look wide awake – even after one too many summer cocktails. A purple or plum eyeliner will make green eyes pop. Gold is a beautiful alternative to black or brown, it’s enough to give some definition without being as heavy looking. The possibilities are endless so don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you’re feeling more adventurous then you can add a bright wing to your eye makeup. Blue is always a favourite for summer but literally any colour will work for this. If you’re fair you might want to tightline with a black liner to give you some definition before painting on your brightly coloured wing. The best part about this look is that it can be achieved using an eyeshadow and an angled brush – so no need to rush out and buy new products.


Bright Winged Liner

This gorgeous image is by instagram.com/delsy_dee


3. Smokey Eyes


Similarly to the last tip, another great way to play with colour is to mix up your eyeshadows. If you love a smokey eye why not change your usual black or brown shadow for an olive green, navy blue or deep purple. The change will be very subtle but enough to keep you up to date for summer. I love “sumptuous olive” by MAC for this look.


Green Colour Smokey Eye

I went for a green smokey eye here – the glitter is of course optional


4. Halo Eyes


Another way to wear colourful makeup on the eyes is to use the “halo” or “spotlight” technique when applying eyeshadow. This means applying neutral shadows to the inner and outer corner and the crease of your eye. Then just add a pop of a brighter, bolder colour to the middle part of the eyelid. The neutral shade will ground the look and keep it wearable and you’ll just get a quick flash of colour when you blink. Very pretty and very easy!


Pink Halo Eye

Soft Pink Halo Eye – you can see how I created it here


You could of course ditch the neutral tones altogether if you’re feeling brave and go for two bright colours like I did here:


Colourful Makeup colourful makeup


5. Blush


A lot of the time people ditch blush for bronzer during the summer – and I can’t blame them who doesn’t love a bronzed glow? But don’t be too quick to get rid of the rouge. I hint of a bright pink or coral can look beautiful and really bring life to the face. The more tanned you are the brighter you can go with the blush. Some of my favourite blushes for this look are listed here. They look terrifying in the pan but applied with a light hand they give a stunning pop of colour to the cheeks!

And there you have my top tips for incorporating some colourful makeup into your routine! Let me know your favourite way to add colour to your makeup look by commenting below or by tagging me on Instagram. Use #beautybyphillippa to show me your favourite colourful makeup looks.

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