Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review

My eternal quest for the perfect foundation continues. In fact, it’s kicked up a notch now that I’m on wedding countdown! You can see here what I would recommend using for bridal makeup but I still can’t help but wonder if there’s something better out there. And that’s what lead me to purchase the Too Faced Born this way foundation.


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation


I’ll be totally honest I went into Sephora with the intention of buying the Tarte stick foundation or anything else from my foundation wishlist (which you can read here).

Sadly the Tarte foundation was out of stock and I didn’t want to buy any of the others from this list as they aren’t cruelty-free. I wrote a post a while back about cruelty-free makeup (here) and although I still use products in my collection that are not CF, I try to only buy new products that are – in the hope that eventually all of my collection will be animal-friendly and my conscience will be clear.

Unfortunately, I found out after purchasing this foundation, that while Too Faced as a brand are cruelty-free they’re now owned by Estée Lauder who are not – so I’m a bit conflicted, does this count?


Anyway, rant aside, on to the review!




I like the packing – it has a pump which is hygienic and easy to use, always appreciated! The bottle is pretty enough to sit nicely on your dressing table without looking over the top. I really don’t like paying for fancy packaging and mediocre product – luckily this wasn’t the case. The glass casing isn’t ideal for travel but it does make the package seem a lot more luxe than it would if it was plastic so not a huge issue for me. Overall I can’t fault the packaging, big thumbs up here.




If you live in Dubai you’ll know there is no such thing as a bargain here. This foundation was reasonably priced in terms of other similar products in Sephora but when you compare to UK or US prices it’s still a little devastating. I could, of course, have gone for a cheaper alternative at the drugstore but for a high-end product, I think this was reasonably priced.




On to the product itself. I think if you have dry skin you will absolutely love this foundation because it is D-E-W-Y! Sadly I do not have dry skin – at all. I have extremely oily skin so this foundation just appeared wet on my face. Even when powdered I just looked (and felt) like a had dunked my face in a giant tub of Vaseline. It’s such a shame because other than that I think it’s a beautiful foundation.

The coverage is full enough to cover blemishes and pigmentation but because of the moisture in the formula, it doesn’t look cakey or like you’re wearing too much makeup. I really wanted to love this foundation but unfortunately, my skin is just too oily.


The quest for the perfect foundation continues!


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation


If any of you have tried this and made it work for oily skin then please let me know, as I’d love to be able to use it.


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