2018 Hairstyle’s and How to Wear them on your Wedding Day

January. It’s like a Monday that lasts for a whole month! Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit to lift yourself out of the January blues and transition into February. For me, that always means changing up my hairstyle.


Not knowing what I wanted to do to my hair, other than changing it, I started googling “2018 hair trends”.


And it got me thinking.


I know a lot of you are 2018 brides. And there’s nothing like your looming nuptials to add a little extra pressure to your hair choices. You don’t want to go for a cut or colour that you’ll regret in a few years time. You need a hairstyle that you’ll continue to love every time you look at your wedding pictures.


But that shouldn’t mean that you can’t change up your hair ‘do before the big day.


So with this dilemma in mind, I’ve put together my favourite hairstyles of 2018 and how to adapt them for your wedding day.


This way you can still have the “new year, new me” hairdo without the worry. You can thank me later!


The Long Bob Hairstyle


This one isn’t exactly new to 2018, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily this hairstyle suits literally everyone, no matter what your face shape. Because of this it’s pretty easy to wear on your wedding day. It’s long enough that you can create a beautiful updo if that’s your jam. Otherwise, add some soft curls and you have a gorgeous, romantic style that will never go out of fashion.


Long bob wedding hairstyle


Ribbon Highlights


Ombre and balayage hairstyles are still going strong in 2018 but the new kid on the hair block is ribbon highlights. Chunky highlights running from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, giving the appearance of a ribbon. Now this one might seem like it could go out of style relatively quickly but I actually think this is a great style for weddings. The highlights will add some texture to updos making your hair look even more beautiful. This is great for really showing off your hairstyle, especially if you have darker hair. Ever wonder why blondes are usually chosen for photographing updos? It’s because the natural highlights in blonde hair show off the intricate styles. So ribbon highlights will do the same thing.


Ribbon highlights


Ribbon highlights will also look beautiful if you’re going for a “boho” look on your wedding day. It’ll make your hairstyle look very relaxed and effortless.




Keeping on the theme of ribbons, hair accessories are back in a big way. (I hear scrunchies are also on their way back and it’s giving me sleepless nights!) Ribbons, on the other hand, are timeless and can be incorporated into your wedding hair beautifully. Here are some of my favourite ways to wear ribbons in bridal hair:


Hair Ribbon

Ribbon Hairstyle

Wedding Ribbons

80s Curls


Tight, 80s curls are back in a big way this year. But don’t book yourself in for a perm just yet. I think the best way to wear this trend is by embracing your natural hair texture. My hair is naturally poker straight so if I rocked up on my wedding day looking like curly Sue then it might be something I’d live to regret. If, however, you have curly hair then this is great news. Embrace the texture and be yourself, you’ll look amazing!


Curly hairstyle


Curly hair can be notoriously difficult to tame so below are some of my favourite serums and hairsprays:





Do bangs ever really go out of style? Well, they are definitely IN for 2018. Rather than going for a blunt chop a great way to wear bangs on your wedding day is to keep them soft and romantic. Parting your bangs will achieve this while also giving a subtle nod to the 90s “curtain” trend that is creeping its way back into fashion. (Just don’t go full Peter Andre on your wedding day!)


bangs wedding hairstyle


So what do you guys think? Will you be adopting any of these new do’s for your wedding day? Let me know which is your favourite! Also don’t forget to check out this post on wedding makeup to go with your new wedding hair.


You can also download your free wedding makeup checklist here!


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